Our Services Include:  


We provide service for restoration, installation, troubleshooting and inspections. Many times without the use of crane or a scaffold, reducing cost and unsightly job conditions. Some of the services we do provide for maintenance would be gilding, painting, facade work, bird control, water leaks, clock repair or replacement and many additional services.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* Burke Rehabilitation - White Plain, NY
* Reader Digest - Pleasantville, NY
* 170 5th avenue - New York, NY
* The Temple - Washington, D.C.


We install, inspect and maintain various Towers worldwide. Many of the services we provide include, painting, structural repair, pull testing, lightning protection and aviation lights.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* The Meadowlands - Secaucus, NJ
* McArthur Airport - Bohemia, NY
* Roosevelt Island - New York, NY
* State Building - San Bernardino, CA
* Parachute Jump - Coney Island, NY
* Water Tower - Stony Point, NY


We install and remove facade banners, no banner is too large, custom design available for installation.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* Computer Associates - Islip, NY
* Cartier - New York, NY
* United Nations - New York, NY
* Guggenheim Museum - New York, NY
* New York Public Library - New York, NY
* Stella Adler Academy of Acting - New York, NY
* JFK Center for Performing Arts - Washington D.C.


Installations, maintenance, removals and inspections. Services include: painting, gilding, weathervanes, structure repair, facade repair, clock repair or replacement.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* North Reformed - Dumont, NJ
* 40 Wall Street - New York, NY
* North Reformed - Tarrytown, NY
* The National Newark Building - Newark, NJ
* United Methodist - Salisbury, MD
* The Evangelical Reformed - East Northport, NY



We can supply and install flagpoles in various sizes, no size is too large for us. Some of the services associated with flagpoles are inspections, maintenance and removals. Installation of the flagpoles can be done with or without a crane.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* Empire State Building - New York, NY
* Federal Triangle - Washington D.C.
* Jacob Javits Convention Center - New York, NY
* Columbia Presbyterian - New York, NY
* Ashkhabat Park - Ashkhabat, Turkmenistan
* Ish bank - Istanbul, Turkey
* World Trade Center - Taipei, Taiwan
* Statue of Liberty - Liberty Island NY
* United Nations - New York, NY
* World Trade Center - New York, NY


We provide custom design and installation of holiday decoration in hard to reach places. Some of the place we do provide decorations are Atriums, mall exterior, wall mounted displays.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

Galleria - White Plains, NY - Christmas Decorations
Abby Mall - Brooklyn NY - Christmas Decorations
Bay Plaza - Bronx, NY - Christmas Decorations
Sunrise Mall - Sunrise, NY - Christmas Decorations
Galleria - Pottstown, PA - Christmas Decorations
American Stock Exchange - New York, NY - Interior Guilding
Computer Associates - Islip, NY - Christmas Decorations
Rockefeller Center - New York, NY Interior Display
40 Wall Street - New York, NY Exterior Display

Custom Rigging

We use custom and professional climbing techniques that are safe and cost effective. Maintaining a clean and usable environment during the renovation and construction of the project.

Some of the Places we have done work are:

* 40 Wall Street - New York, NY
* Cartier - New York, NY
* JFK International Airport - New York, NY
* JFK Center of Performing Arts - Washington, D.C.
* Sawgrass Mills - Sawgrass, FL
* Reader Digest - Pleasantville, NY

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